AB1's constant search for innovation finds expression in the creation and costruction of rods for sport fishing. 
AB1 fishing rods are made of the most innovative carbon technology combined with the inimitable Italian design.



In AB1 VIP fishing rods, the most innovative carbon technology couples with the inimitable Italian design. 
They can be personalized in relation to the aesthetic and stylistic need of the customers.

By causing the bending of the rod with a weight of 2kg at a closed angle, the relative bending curve shows that the entire axis is affected. The top of the rod is set at an angle of 45°, the base is positioned at 5°, the grip remains at zero and the angles between the competing forces acting on the AB1 rollers increase in width; the fishing wire has a constant tension thanks to the rod and the components of the reaction forces, distributed on the AB1 roller guides, have parameters that do not exceed the force of the applied action. The distribution of the action of the axis on 98cm of length and with no comparable parabolic phenomenon at all. This is possible thanks to AB1 roller technology. Indeed, to obtain the same result with the traditional rollers would be necessary to work on a at least  40 cm longer lenght which however, would distort the technical characteristics of a stand-up rod because it would considerably lengthen the resistance arm, leading to a slower and harder recovery.  If there were traditional rollers on a blank of the same length, there would be a parabolic phenomenon whose negative effect would be the need to widen the fishing wire in relation to  the technical data of the rod, leading to the need for bigger reel seats which can cointain it, at the expense of the weight and the length of the bobbin.
From 3.5kg to 12kg, the curves describe a perfect distribution of forces, with the top eliminating its function after reaching 7kg (best drag) and the butt pushing on the rod up to 12kg (max drag), so that it can be possible to maintain the physical and mechanical principles already highlighted at the beginning of the test constant and unchanged.

We can thus declare in full knowledge of the technical facts:
FIGHTING DRAG 3.5-8.5 kg
MAX DRAG 12 kg


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